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Heat Pump 1.2

Technologies to transform energy

Air source heat pumps are among the most exciting new developments in the environmental technology world. Heat pumps work by simply extracting the latent heat from the atmosphere and adding it to the output of conventional heating systems in a building. Obviously they use electricity in order to function, but the amount used is far outweighed by the substantial returns form the heat exchange process. At the moment, heat pumps are still relatively expensive technology, so the benefits of installation need to be weighed against the initial cost. This currently limits the size and scope of cost-effective installation, but size, cost and complexity are rapidly decreasing as the technology matures, and Property360 are out in front when it comes to understanding the limitations, benefits and intricacies of installing them.

Air source heat pumps are among the most exciting new developments in environmental technology

Air source heat pumps are easy to install and (unlike ground source heat pumps which need a sizeable garden or land area as a heat source) are suitable for homes with even small gardens. If you would like to know more, why not contact us to discuss whether an air source heat pump would be right for you.

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