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PV panels configured for bespoke designs

Solar PV

Photovoltaic technology is the future

PhotoVoltaic technology

The future


Photovoltaic cells

Are they efficient?

Solar PV systems are made up of several panels, with each panel typically generating around 355W to 400W of energy per hour in strong sunlight.


High performance solar panels

Solar Panels

Typical residential systems contain around 10 panels and can generate up to 4kwh of energy in direct current when conditions allow.


Reduce electricity bills

Energy savings

the most effective way to reduce energy bills is to integrate the solar panel output into your home thus reducing dependency on supply from the grid.


Reducing output

Lower carbon footprint

Reducing the UK’s carbon footprint is now a central part of our national energy strategy. Installing solar panels is the easiest way to help.


Quick and easy installation

How easy are they to install?

Commercial or residential solar installations can be completed surprisingly quickly with good design and the right planning.

Upgrade your energy performance with Solar PV

Solar PV

solar panels can significantly reduce energy costs over time, particularly if paired with an effective battery storage system to better match solar generation and end user demand.

Reduce costs with

Solar energy

save up to 52% on your electricity bills on a three bedroom house with the seg scheme


Reduce your carbon


A typical home installation can reduce your carbon footprint and save over 1.5 tonnes of carbon per year


Discount for group


save money by lining up neighbours to have solar PV installations carried out at the same time

Solar PV Packages

  • Solar PV

  • Option 1 0
    • Specialist installer
    • 8 Panels & Invertor
    • hot water diverter
    • Set feedback rates
    • Full site assessment
  • Solar Pv with Battery

  • Option 2 0
    • Off grid inverter
    • Panel installation
    • Battery installation
    • System assessment
  • Solar PV, Battery & ASHP

  • Option 3 0
    • Car charge point
    • Panel installation
    • Battery installation
    • Full system integration