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Custom design and installation

Retrofit Air Source Heat Pump, Colchester City

Air Source Heat Pump, Hot water cylinder, aluminium radiators, full installation in the heart of Colchester City Centre

Retrofit Air Source Heat Pump, Colchester City

Project Detail

Property360 Renewables working alongside Ecobuild360 completed a full retrofit upgrade installation at this 1960’s chalet bungalow in Colchester City Centre. See our retro fit case study for the upgrade specification.


Within the upgrade Property360 designed and installed a complete new heating system. Pairing with a solar PV and battery storage to limit energy consumption. There is a lot of contradictory information circulating regarding air source heat pumps (ASHP) due to poor installation. This is a prime example of the technology being correctly designed and installed in a retro fit environment that has proven to be reliable and efficient for the last three years.

No more gas – for good! 

One of the aims of this retro fit project was to remove all gas appliances and replace with electric alternatives. The hobs, ovens and boilers were removed to be replaced with Bosch energy efficient appliances. After a thorough heat loss calculation a Vaillant Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) was specified and installed.

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Property360 has vast expertise in all types of heating installations and our in house trained specialists in the renewables area proved hugely effective. An in house team were able to design, calculate thermal values and upgrade all areas of the building. Ensuring a new ASHP system that was instantly more cost effective to run than a comparable gas boiler whilst keeping the home warm all year round.

ashp-design-endsleigh-ground-1 ashp-design-endsleigh-external

The work schedule involved:
  • Complete in-house system design with cad drawn product location plans with dimensions
  • Full pre-installation site assessment
  • Heat loss calculation undertaken
  • Custom property specific product design and manufacturer system planning
  • Pre-start access and health and safety documentation / arrangements to ensure a safe installation
  • ASHP installation with new water cylinder and buffer tank
  • Full central heating and potable water pipework installation
  • Aluminium radiator package specified and installed to increase heat output by 30%
  • Customised system set up to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Client handover and system run through
  • Grant application process
  • MCS approved certified installation
  • https://mcscertified.com/find-an-installer/

We have seen continued growth in our renewables division in 2023 with Air Source Heat Pumps enquires being particularly popular to try and mitigate the recent heavy energy price increases. Unfortunately this has been coupled with many poorly designed and poorly installed systems.

The technology is getting unjustified bad press. It is important to remember when considering an ASHP that the properties insulation levels are vital for it to run efficiently. Upgrading insulation and lowering the properties U value should be key objectives to maximise the benefits of being energy efficient within the UK.

Tried, tested & Trusted

Property360 offer an accurate initial design process from experienced specialists who have been reliably delivering all types of complex construction projects for over a decade. If you are considering an Air Source Heat Pump installation, whether it be residential or commercial, and need some genuine advice, get in touch today and we would be happy to discuss the options available to you.