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Creating your own energy

Air source heat pumps

We have extensive experience of installing heat pumps

green energy
Heat pumps

Heat from air


Extracting heat from the atmosphere

Clean energy

Air source heat pumps are true green energy. There are no waste products, no fumes, no emissions.


Simple, clean energy from the environment

Green energy

Incorporating your air source heat pump with a solar PV battery system can fully utilise the power of free renewable energy.


Up to 300% efficiency

Cheap energy

Air source heat pumps generate around 65% of their heat from the air. Every 1kw of electricity consumed yields up to 3kw of heat, giving up to 300% efficiency.


Heat pumps are easy to install

Quick energy

Heat pumps are easy to install. Typical air source heat pumps installations can be completed in a few days by our engineers.


Supplementing your home energy supply

Flexible energy

Air source heat pumps come in a variety of formats, meaning designs can be customised to best suit your property.

Installing air source heat pumps

ASHP systems

The installation of an ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump) heating system is not simply a case of swapping out your old oil or gas boiler as they work quite differently. ASHP’s work at a lower flow temperature than traditional heating systems. This means that the existing radiators and hot water cylinder may need to be upgraded to allow the heat generated by the ASHP to heat your home and hot water as efficiently as possible. This will need to be factored into the overall installation cost. Careful planning and system design from our team will ensure that your property is suitable, your installation is cost effective and will benefit from the technology.


  • Assessment

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    • Client contact
    • Client requirements
    • Viability check
    • Heat loss calculation
  • Heat loss

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    • HLC assessment
    • System design
    • Quotation
    • Client instruction
  • Installation

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    • Full installation
    • Commissioning
    • MCS registration
    • Grant rebate handling