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Installing solar panels

Solar array flat roof system, Colchester City

Colchester Solar PV flat roof installation

Solar array flat roof system, Colchester City

Project Detail

Property360 Renewables have recently installed this flat roof rail mounted solar PV array with battery storage. The sun path was to the rear of the property. We completed a recent extension at the site ensuring the flat roof was structurally viable to take the additional weight.

With the solar array installed to the rear of the property it didn’t interfere with the front roof line aspect therefore not spoiling the appearance of the building from the frontage. It is a good example of how solar installations do not have to look out of keeping with any building if completed with the correct design and installation team. Indeed, with a keen eye on aesthetics and not forgetting the array’s performance, this installation met all of the criteria.

The work schedule involved:
  • Complete in-house system design with cad drawn sun path location plans
  • Full pre-installation site assessment and roof analysis
  • Wildlife assessment and reintroduction provisions for completion
  • Pre-start access and health and safety documentation / arrangements to ensure a safe installation
  • Structural load calculations and assessment to flat roof sub structure
  • Solar PV rail and panel installation
  • Battery storage installation in garage location
  • End user system power creation and electrical usage monitoring set up
  • Client handover and system run through
  • MCS approved certified installation
  • https://mcscertified.com/find-an-installer/

We have seen continued growth in our renewables division in 2023 with Solar PV in particular has been very popular to try mitigate the recent heavy energy price increases. This has unfortunately been coupled with many poorly designed and poorly installed systems. It is important to remember that the roof of a building is not only a vital part of your building’s structure to keep it waterproof but can also be a focus point on how the building looks for the future.


This was a property we had completely overhauled to bring in line with the most efficient energy efficiency rating possible. As part of this refurbishment we completed some hedgerow management rather than removing it completely. By reducing the depth of the hedge the wildlife could still use it throughout the year.  Property360 installed bird and bat boxes to the most suitable areas meaning the wildlife could take advantage of the building line when nesting in the summer and roosting over the winter.


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Property360 offer an accurate initial design process from experienced specialists who have been reliably delivering all types of complex construction projects for over a decade. If you are considering a solar PV installation, whether it be residential in-roof, surface mounted or commercial, and need some genuine advice, get in touch today and we would be happy to discuss the options available to you.


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