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Creating your own energy

Specialist services

We have extensive experience of installing heat pumps

green energy
Heat pumps

Heat from air


Extracting heat from the atmosphere

Clean energy

Air source heat pumps are true green energy. There are no waste products, no fumes, no emissions.


Simple, clean energy from the environment

Green energy

Air source heat pumps are completely self contained and easy to install, as well as being remarkably effective.


No running costs, once installed

Cheap energy

Once installed, an air source heat pump will carry on functioning without maintenance for years, reducing your energy bill.


Heat pumps are easy to install

Quick energy

Your air source heat pump can be installed and integrated into the national grid or connected to an independent battery pack quickly and easily.


Supplementing your home energy supply

Flexible energy

Energy outputs vary with environmental conditions. An air source heat pump can extract heat from even the coldest air, continuing to reduce bills.

Sound project management is vital to meeting budgets

Understanding energy

At Property360 we understand alternative energy, its benefits and limitations. We will give you an honest appraisal of what an air source heat pump can do to reduce your energy bills.


  • What we do

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    • Energy audit
    • Saving comparisons
    • Installation
    • Full integration
  • What we do

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    • Optional battery packs
    • Supplier interface
    • Optimise systems
    • System design
  • What we do

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    • After sales service
    • Upgrades
    • Fault finding
    • Complete certification